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Done by 60: The Dreaded Word, “Retirement”

Retirement I’m giving myself a challenge: For one year, I pledge not to use the word “retirement” in the context of my own life or ask anyone else when they want to retire. Here’s why.

My epiphany came when I was driving and saw a Prudential billboard ad with “The race for retirement is one we can all win.” Instead of helping people race to end a career, shouldn’t we be asking people what they want their 60s and 70s to look like?

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Done By 60: Two Travel Chapters, One Spending Bucket

Post-career adventuresIf you’re approaching your post-career decade (the swinging 60s), you might already be mapping out your desired locations and planning trips to those places. But before you start booking flights, there are two moves you can take to ensure you’re stretching your travel dollars to the limit during the decade when you’ll appreciate it the most.

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Done by 60: Cashing Out, Staying Put

Are you within a year or two of an early retirement, or whatever you want to call the next chapter of your life? Before you decide which of your investment accounts you’ll withdraw from to replace your income, you may want to try an alternative strategy and get some cash out of your home while you still have a verifiable source of income and still qualify to borrow. It could have a huge impact on the taxes you pay in your 60s.

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Done By 60: The Liveaboard Life

Marina Del ReyYou’ve heard the phrase about buying a boat, right? The best two days you’ll experience while owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. And let’s not forget the acronyms (like break out another thousand) or the many sayings (bankruptcy on a trailer, a hole in the water you throw money into, etc.).  But what happens when your boat becomes your primary house, provides some part-time income, and acts as your getaway spot – all at the same time?

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Done by 60: At a Loss About Selling Your House?

movingA 60-year-old male walks into a Los Angeles bar and tells the bartender, “I’ve retired from my career in banking, I’ve built up a nice nest egg, and I’m ready to sell my house and move to Palm Springs—just as soon as I can get my house to appraise for more than what I paid for it.”

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