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I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. I write personal financial advice for baby boomers without kids. Some people say I help simplify their finances. Other people say I help them enjoy more life experiences. Read on and decide for yourself.

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How to Be a Saver in the Entertainment Industry

When you’re an entertainment professional, you may reach that exciting moment where your earnings are high and you’re suddenly feeling pretty darn rich. But as my writer-friend Dave says, you’re not rich in Hollywood until you can live off your investments. 

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How to Spend More of Your Nest Egg

Sarah takes very little money out of her nest egg, so I’m concerned that her financial plan is at risk of failing. Wait, what, you ask? How can a plan be unsuccessful because a person is spending too little? Once a person has achieved financial freedom, it’s common. Here’s how.

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A Kibosh on the Rainy Day Fund

Do you really need to have several months of expenses sitting in an emergency fund, AKA a rainy day fund, earning no real return? I have offered such advice for most of my clients for years, even while I personally don’t maintain one. If you hate the idea of having a large chunk of money not working towards a goal, you might just be able to forego having an emergency fund altogether.

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Long-term Saving for the Short-term Worker: Spend One, Save Two (Part 3)

Scott, our Hollywood writer and producer who earns big paychecks for short periods of time, determined how big his nest egg will need to be to support his minimum lifestyle in Long-term Saving for the Short-term Worker (Part 2). Now, the tricky part. He wants to get there ASAP, but he also has a couple of big-ticket purchases he’d like to make in the near future (home and kids’ college) and faces an unknown income situation in 2 years when his show ends. To help reach his goals, we will try something that I refer to as the Spend-One-Save-Two Rule.

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Long-term Saving for the Short-term Worker (Part 2)

If you work in an industry that produces big fortunes in small doses (producer, writer, entrepreneur, etc.), you may reach a point early in your life where you could start living off your investment portfolio long before the word “retirement” even crosses your mind. So how much can you take out and when can you start?

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